Top Turf: Synthetic Grass Surfaces

For corporate, leisure and sport

What is Top Turf?

Top Turf is the best synthetic substitute for traditional lawn in corporate, leisure and sporting applications.

Top Turf is the softest and highest quality synthetic grass — designed and UV treated for Australian conditions. It's made by an Australian manufacturer with more that twenty years experience in the synthetic textile industry.

Why use Top Turf?

We live on the driest continent, but are only now becoming fully aware of the current and future scarcity of water.

You'll save not only water, but effort and time by installing Top Turf - there's no need for watering, mowing or edging, and no more mud!

We can install Top Turf for you if you wish, and we guarantee it for seven years.

We hope you'll appreciate the advantages of Top Turf.

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If you'd like a free quote we'll come to you, measure your site and advise you about how best to use Top Turf in your application.

If you decide to use Top Turf, we'll also advise you about living with Top Turf and how to keep it looking its best to ensure your investment lasts well into the future.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Top Turf

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