Top Turf: Synthetic Grass Surfaces

For corporate, leisure and sport

Symthetic Grass Installations & Technical Information


Top Turf can be installed in many different situations and over a variety of surfaces. We can advise you about how it's best used in your application.

To lay Top Turf, the top soil layer is removed and levelled. The Turf edges are securely fixed with deck spikes or timber batons. In applications such as pool surrounds, Top Turf can be laid directly on the existing concrete.

Once laid, a dry silicate sand infill is added to give lift, spring and life to the individual grass fibres — and the weight of the sand keeps the Turf in place. Using different depths of infill, various types of lawn can be created, from a tall fescue to a short-pile couch.

If you're skilled at landscaping and keen to do it yourself we'll happily supply installation instructions. But if you'd like the confidence of a professional job, our South Australian installation team can efficiently install Top Turf for you.

Once Top Turf is installed, we'll also advise you about how to keep it looking its best and lasting into the future.

Technical information

Top Turf has been developed to look, act and feel like real grass.

Top Turf is composed of two different coloured fibres, to give it a natural look. Quite often people don't realise that they are walking on Top Turf — it really is that good!

The grass fibres are stain-resistant, UV protected polyethylene. Polyethylene is used because it feels softer underfoot than other fibres.The fibres are curled and spring-set to ensure they keep their shape over time.

Our manufacturer has developed the fibre technology over thirty years, resulting in an advanced product — so you can experience grass without the hassle!

Top Turf is manufactured and supplied fully certified to Australian standard ISO 9002 — A guarantee of quality.

We are currently commissioning our own CSIRO tests to formally confirm Top Turf's suitability for Australian conditions.